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Pinatubo Trail

Tourists coming from Botolan has two options for the trail to Mt. Pinatubo. They can either take one or both, the 7km on the way up and the 3km (depending on the weather) going back to Patal Pinto.

Pinatubo Crater

After its eruption in 1991, the Mt. Pinatubo Crater has been famous all over the world for its breathtaking view. In 2016, Botolan opened its trail and now becoming famous for the sights along the way going to the crater.

Tukal Tukal Falls

Tukal Tukal Falls is a native term for the tagalog word hagdan hagdan which perfectly describes the falls. The falls is a four-layer pool of cascading cool water that you’ll surely enjoy.

Tukal-tukal falls

Tukal tukal falls

Tukal tukal


Bancal River Adventure Park

Bancal River Adventure Park offers water activities such as kayaking, pedal boating, parasailing, and a speed boat ride going to the mangroves.


Botolan is also well known for its beaches. Tourists may explore the seven coastal barangays namely - Panan, Binoclutan, Porac, Danacbunga, Beneg, Capayawan, and Bangan.